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ACM to identify/register links with CICS program

  • 1.  ACM to identify/register links with CICS program

    Posted Jun 15, 2017 04:37 AM

    Hello Community

    Is ACM able to identify/register links between CICS elements (program) which are called via EXEC CICS LINK PROGRAM? When I use ACM Query to list those links it does not seem to work as I always get an empty list. My objective is to identify a complete set of elements that I need to update if I modifi a CICS program.

    Thanks for your help



  • 2.  Re: ACM to identify/register links with CICS program
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 15, 2017 12:00 PM



    In order for ACM to automatically capture a component relationship, the 'using' element must read the 'used' element during the execution of the GENERATE processor. This is what happens, for example, with copybooks or with objects statically linked within the load module. An EXEC CICS LINK command doesn't fall into this category and will therefore not be detected by ACM.


    You may want to use the CONSCAN utility to locate EXEC CICS LINK commands in the source program and create component relationships between the caller and the called programs. It is documented in the extended processors guide.


    If each of these called programs uses its own, standard copybook to map the parameters it receives, the copybook will be automatically captured by ACM during compilation and will allow you to query ACM on the programs that use the copybook, which will be a result close to the programs that call the subprogram


    Hope this helps

    Eduard Penafiel

    CA Sr. Support Engineer