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  • 1.  PDA - Parallel Development Alert bundle

    Posted Dec 19, 2015 08:49 PM

    Here is the version of the Parallel Development Alert (PDA) from CA Services that allows you to specify environment/stages for searching at each Lpar where Endevor runs.


    The link below contains the "bundle" for PDA – Parallel Development Alert



    1.  Upload the .XMIT file as binary (FB80)

    2.  Receive the .XMIT file to create a PDS

    3.  Member PDA – is to be installed as-is into your CSIQCLS0 library or equivalent.

    4.  Member @SITE – is to be tailored and installed as another name into your CSIQCLS0 library or equivalent. To determine the member name to use for @SITE, execute WHEREIAM from the installed PDS and capture the name displayed. (The name is determined by the MVS system name, allowing you to use a different member for each Lpar). Tailor the value for PDAMaplist, using as many lines as necessary to name the Environment/Stage mappings that PDA should use for searching. Be sure to exclude your production environment/stage(s). Each line within PDAMaplist must contain a starting Environment/Stage and an ending (mapped) Environment/Stage. All lines within PDAMaplist must end with a comma except for the last line.

    5. ENDIEIM1 – either replace or merge with your version in your CSIQCLS0 library.

    6. NOTIFY is optional and if installed (into your CSIQCLS0 library or equivalent), allows each user to minimize the frequency of PDA alerts


    You may ignore the other members in the PDS.

    If anyone prefers to work with a text file, see the .txt.zip attachment in an IEBUPDTE format, and ignore the .XMIT.zip file.


  • 2.  Re: PDA - Parallel Development Alert bundle

    Posted May 21, 2018 02:07 PM

    Dan, has this moved forward to be more part of the Endevor product and not an add on REXX routine? I mean in reading the above I see that its incorporated into the configuration process, if I'm understanding correctly. Why I am asking, one of the replies I got to my PDM usage question mentioned it.

  • 3.  Re: PDA - Parallel Development Alert bundle

    Posted May 22, 2018 11:41 AM

    Hello RonBOL.


    The PDA (Parallel Development Alert) remains an add on, although anyone can use it for free by simply downloading it and walking through the steps above. Voting on items like this one may help it become a part of the product.

    In the meantime, the PDM reference adds more value to the PDA. In the attached PowerPoint you can see how a much simpler execution of PDM becomes available to users. Retro PowerPoint