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Tech Tips: Using the EINE PF5 Scan feature

  • 1.  Tech Tips: Using the EINE PF5 Scan feature

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 15, 2015 07:01 PM

    CA Endevor V18.0 INC01 introduces a new Scan feature in the CA Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) interface.


    The EINE PF5 Scan feature allows an EINE user to search the display information returned in the pop-up window for the Select Options:

    B  Browse Element                

    S  Display Summary Information   

    H  Display History Information   

    M  Display Master Data Information

    C  Display Change Information    

    L  Display Listing (CMPRINT)     



    The PF5 Scan field is at the bottom of the display pop-up window.

    • The search argument field is case-sensitiveThe search argument must be entered in the exact case as it is found in the element display information.
    • The search argument field is 30 character long and imbedded spaces are allowed
    • The search begins at the byte following the cursor position or position 1 of the first display line in the pop-up window



    If Natural is automatically translating the search argument field to upper case, please see KB Article : TEC1823984 for instructions on how to disable the Natural upper case translation option in the EINE interface.