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Tech Tips: How to quickly found a message explanation from version 17.0

  • 1.  Tech Tips: How to quickly found a message explanation from version 17.0

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 03, 2015 08:37 AM

    Endevor Tuesday Tip by Ollivier F. Dorso, Principal Support Engineer, September, 2nd 2015


    Simply go to https://wiki.ca.com/, and follows the following step.

    • Scroll and Select "CA ENDEVOR SCM - Messages"
    • Select the version of messages
    • Select the available language
    • Enter the message identifier
    • Click Search button


    Notes :

    To search for a message that includes a colon, enclose the search string in quotes, for example, "C1BM4100:E066".

    This documentation includes messages in effect for CA Endevor SCM Version 17.0 and Version 18.0. The messages are applicable to both releases, unless stated otherwise.


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