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Mainframe Application Tuner v12 - New features!

  • 1.  Mainframe Application Tuner v12 - New features!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 14, 2022 08:23 AM
    Edited by Petr Klomfar Feb 15, 2022 05:25 AM

    On behalf of the Mainframe Application Tuner development team, I am happy to announce new exciting additions to the product functionality.

    What is newly available? 

    • IDMS data collection enhancements and ADS support
    • PMA automatic import of batch reports (MAT -> PMA)
    • Wide variety of technical currency items and code quality, security updates.

    Continue reading for more detailed descriptions.

    IDMS data collection enhancement and ADS support.

    Making IDMS monitoring and subsequent analysis more capable and improving usability across our users was the clear goal of this new feature.

    This feature brings a new ability to register ADS listings (both manually and dynamically) to help you to analyze your IDMS ADS workloads efficiently, allowing easy correlation of performance tuning data directly to a statement. See figures 1. – 3.

    Fig.1 – ADS Program Listing Registration

    Fig. 2 – ADS Map Resolution

    Fig. 3 – ADS Listing view

    New data records are now collected and displayed in separate fields such as Process name and ADS SEQuence, Task ID, Run-Unit ID that are, for better analytical insight, now displayed in decimal format.

    These data are complemented with new display panels: Database and SQL Statistics and Run Unit Statistics information and IDMS Dispatch state (ADSO). See figures 4.- 6.

    Fig. 4 –  IDMS Run Unit Statistics

    Fig. 5 –  IDMS Dispatch State panel (ADSO)

    Fig. 6 –  IDMS DB and SQL Statistics

    Most of the newly added options are available for IDMS release 19.0 and higher. Should you seek more information please refer to MAT documentation here: Identify Delays in an IDMS Environment
    Be sure to check out a short video introducing this functionality.

    This enhancement is available via PTF #LU04724

    PMA automatic import of batch reports (MAT -> PMA)

    This feature enables PMA users with automatic import of Batch reports upon every MAT measurement. Traditionally PMA users had to utilize the APCYJLST import program to run manually or submit it on a set schedule. Newly you may configure job APCYBLST to automatically import a measurement of batch jobs into the PMA in 3 s i m p l e steps!

    • Obtain and install PTFs LU02926 & LU02927
    • Configure MAT to introduce new parameter PMAAUI
    • Configure PMA and add the APCYBLST to the PMA library

     Ad 2) Please follow HOLD data associated with this PTF. Additionally PMAAUII parameter can be after configuration dynamically controlled and status-checked utilizing the following commands.

    Fig. 9 – Dynamic commands to enable PMAAUI parameter on the MAT server – Server log

    Ad 3) Running STEP 9 and STEP 10 of PMA customization utility ( MATHLQ.CEETSAMP(CUSTAPCT) ) ensure the new job APCYNLST is generated

    Collecting the information into the PMA was never easier. Any batch job that now triggers MAT measurement will auto-import the data for PMA users.

    Refer to this short video to get an introduction to this functionality as well as a demonstrated use case.

    More about this feature in this documentation article: Generate PMA Reports

    This functionality is available via PTFs #LU02926 & #LU02927.


    For more information about Mainframe Application Tuner V12, see the release notes in MAT V12 documentation.


    Thank you for choosing Mainframe Application Tuner to improve your application performance. Should you be interested in live demo? Update on product direction or POC? Feel free to contact us directly. Together with Product Manager Michael Patriarco (, we are always interested in your thoughts and feedback.


    Petr Klomfar (

    Product Owner of MAT