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CA Mainframe Application Tuner product update. New features | Digital badge | Revised Ideation process.

  • 1.  CA Mainframe Application Tuner product update. New features | Digital badge | Revised Ideation process.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 16, 2021 03:25 AM

    Good day to you, mainframe community! I am the bearer of news on behalf of the CA MAT development team. Continue reading to find information about the following:


    • New Feature of CA MAT v12 – Connect MAT CLI output to the listing of source code in VSCODE editor
    • New Feature of CA MAT v12 - Support of DB2 Shared Subsystems.
    • New CA MAT Digital badge – test your skills with the PMA component
    • Revised and Improved IDEATION process – collaborate and draw your own historical line in CA MAT

    Continue reading for more detailed descriptions.

    New feature: Connect MAT CLI output to the listing of source code in VSCODE editor

    This feature emphasizes the user experience of CA MAT Performance Benchmarking and the modern developer approach, bringing an ability to the developer to see the top consumers from the analysis report and correlate them on respective code statements within IDE (VSCODE) with a single click.  


    Utilizing a new CLI parameter --listing true or listing=true for REST API call (see Fig. 1 & 2), during invocation, related Endevor SCM footprint is stored in CA MAT DB.

    Fig. 1 & 2 – REST API invoke call with listing parameter & CLI invoke command with listing parameter

    This information can be later fetched during analysis time. Referred by the same parameter used within CODEVIEW CLI or REST call.

    e.g.  zowe mat monitor  codeview histogram --mon_num 63 --module SC630LE --csect SC630LE --top 2 --listing true

    With such users can click the displayed listing path information e.g "C:\Users…\listing\SC630LE.cbl:342:30" to be directly pointed to the appropriate line/statement within the VSCODE IDE (see Fig. 3).

    Fig. 3 – Easily clickable correlation to the editor directly from the CLI output.


    This VSCODE related functionality is available to MAT users for ASM, COBOL, C, and C++ languages.


    To find more information please refer to CA MAT documentation here:


    This enhancement is available via PTF #LU01297

    New Feature: Support of DB2 Shared Subsystems

     This addition to CA MAT v12 allows MAT users to gather specific DB2 Shared Subsystem metrics and use them to identify tuning opportunities. While measuring MAT can now collect both global and local buffer pool information and DB2 locking information and aggregate related information per SQL where applicable.


    Hands-on users will experience new fields under DB2View that can be enabled or disabled using advanced panel command CUST and two new primary commands on DB2View – LOCK and POOL (see Fig. 4)

    Where POOL command takes a user to the summarized PoolView panel where it is easy to drill down to detailed information about a specific buffer. (see Fig. 5)

    Fig. 4 – NEW DB2 Shared Subsystem information present on DB2View

    Fig. 5 – NEW Buffer pool information details from PoolView

    And LOCK primary command displays directly LOCK information for both local and global locking data (see Fig. 6).

    Fig. 6 – DB2 Locking information


    To find more about this feature please refer to the following MAT documentation topics:

    This functionality is available via enhancement PTFs #LU01600 and #LU01599.

    New mainframe Digital Badge is now available for CA MAT – Performance Management Assistant!

    On behalf of Donna Amaral from the Broadcom learning team. We're excited to announce the availability of the CA Mainframe Application Tuner - Performance Management Assistant digital badge.  Do you have a fundamental knowledge of application performance management, performance trend analysis, and proactive application performance monitoring using the Performance Management Assistant (PMA) component of CA MAT? We invite you to earn this badge and showcase your CA MAT - PMA skills!

    As a compliment to CA MAT – PMA badge, consider also earning the CA Mainframe Application Tuner Fundamentals digital badge.

    Broadcom has partnered with Credly so you can easily manage and share your badges in your email signature and across social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. With a simple click, employers, and other interested parties can view and verify your skills and expertise.


    Get Started!

    Begin your badge journey by visiting the Mainframe Broadcom page on the Credly platform.  We're continually adding more badges -- so check back often!

    • An active maintenance contract or partner agreement with Broadcom is required to access web-based training courses and digital badge assessments in Learning@Broadcom.
    • For more information about accessing Learning@Broadcom, please refer to this guide
    • Courses are typically available 24 hours after log-in for new users or existing users who have not accessed Learning@Broadcom in three months or more.


    Revised and Improved IDEAS page for our community.


    Broadcom had rolled out a revised IDEATION process and improved the IDEAS page. In case you have missed a recent announcement in the Broadcom Mainframe Software Community click HERE. The Ideas page has also been updated with new status names, status definitions, and an FAQ document.

    You too can leave a trace in history for CA MAT or other products you like and use on daily basis!

    In such a case, here's what is needed from you:

    • When you submit an idea, include your problem and a clear business value in the idea description. Don't just say what you want changes. Include the "WHY".
    • Vote for ideas that will help your business too. 


    What you can expect from us?

    • Regular check (on monthly cadence) and sharing of new ideas with MAT community.
    • Keeping the logbook clean (with a limit of 20 ideas on the table), so it's clear to you what is in the top priority and easily see other user backers.

    I would like to thank you for reading this far, stay tuned for more exciting updates.



    For more information about CA Mainframe Application Tuner V12, see the release notes in CA MAT V12 documentation.


    Thank you for choosing CA Mainframe Application Tuner to improve your application performance. Should you be interested in a live demo? Update on product direction or POC? Feel free to contact us directly. Together with Product Manager Ekaterina Tumanova (, we are always interested in your thoughts and feedback.


    Petr Klomfar (

    Product Owner of CA MAT