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CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for June 2019

  • 1.  CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for June 2019

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    Posted Jul 02, 2019 08:53 PM
    Edited by Lynn Williams Jul 02, 2019 09:14 PM

    Here is the June list of New & Updated CA Gen Knowledge Base Articles (June 3 - June 30).

    CA GEN APPLICATIONS (AND BUILD TOOL) CONNECTING TO SQL SERVER USING WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION Thu Jun 27 2019...This article describes how a CA Gen application connection to SQL Server can be achieved using trusted LAST UPDATE: 27-06-2019 16:27    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN 8.6 SUPPORT FOR OPENJDK Thu Jun 27 2019...This article covers the planned support of OpenJDK with CA Gen 8.6 LAST UPDATE: 27-06-2019 10:22    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN CSE CLIENTS FAIL TO CONNECT TO WINDOWS ORACLE CSE WITH MDEXI0084E Wed Jun 26 2019...This article explains that the root cause of message MDEXI0084E can be an incomplete CSE start due to LAST UPDATE: 26-06-2019 16:15    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN APPLICATIONS AND CSE SUPPORT FOR ORACLE DATABASE SERVER 18C Wed Jun 26 2019...This article describes the support for using Oracle Database Server 18c with Gen 8.6 generated applications LAST UPDATE: 26-06-2019 13:02    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN HOST ENCYCLOPEDIA MODEL/SUBSET DOWNLOAD FAILS WITH "TIEDOWNX, ABEND SB37" Wed Jun 26 2019...This article describes how the dataset '.IEF.TRAN' needs to have enough capacity to contain the LAST UPDATE: 26-06-2019 08:13    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN TOOLSET CHECKOUT SHOWS ERROR "MEMORY CORRUPTION IN MODEL, CANNOT COMPLETE REQUEST." Mon Jun 24 2019...This message does not represent an actual model corruption, rather a memory error reported by the Toolset LAST UPDATE: 24-06-2019 13:17    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA MAINFRAME COMPATIBILITY AND LIFECYCLE INFORMATION Fri Jun 14 2019...CA Mainframe z/OS compatibility and supportability, GA dates, End of Service (EOS) and End of Life (EOL LAST UPDATE: 14-06-2019 11:09    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN TOOLSET ERROR "THE VERSION OF THE CHECKOUT.TRN FILE IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THIS TOOLSET ..." Wed Jun 12 2019...This article covers possible root causes of the CA Gen Toolset error "The version of the checkout.trn LAST UPDATE: 12-06-2019 23:52    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN TRANSACTION ENABLER (AEFAD/AEFUF) PROCESSING LIMITS Tue Jun 11 2019...This article aims to help understanding of the limits on users and applications that can be supported LAST UPDATE: 11-06-2019 23:25    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN RUNTIME TIRELOGX IS NOT CALLED AFTER DB2 DEADLOCK Tue Jun 11 2019...This article describes why the CA Gen Server Error Logging exit TIRELOGX is not immediately called after LAST UPDATE: 11-06-2019 17:30    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

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