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    Posted Apr 11, 2016 09:53 AM
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    Hi There,


    From last week I facing issue while adding any Entity view under any Import/export or local view. It is giving me protection error.

    I had checked everything. All had component/CAB and Subset with proper authentication. I had checked all reports. Entity is also not being modified by someone else.

    Still facing this issue. Error msg i am getting is "Can not use seleceted Entity due to protection". See screen shot.


    Please suggest something.

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    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 11, 2016 12:25 PM



    The first thing to do is to run the Expansion Conflict Report on the encyclopedia and then resolve any problems that are reported.  There may be some downgrade on an object other than the entity.


    If you need further assistance, please open a case with CA Support.  The Expansion Conflict Report, the subset scoping definition, the model retrieval status report, and possibly the model/subset would be needed.



    Andy Hebert

    CA Support

  • 3.  Re: Protection Error.

    Posted Apr 12, 2016 10:41 AM

    Thanks Andy for looking into this.

    As suggested I had extracted Expansion Conflict Report and found the issue. Thanks again.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Abhishek Agrawal

  • 4.  Re: Protection Error.

    Posted Apr 12, 2016 10:53 AM

    Abhi0810 Glad that you resolved your issue and for the benefit of others on the site, would you mind detailing what your solution was?  Thanx!

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    Posted Apr 13, 2016 04:26 AM



    When I pull Expansion Conflict Report, I found one componet who was also using the same entity. I asked that other user to checkin his subset and tried again and error got resolved.

    One thing i don't understand, is in other users subset, he only had few common action block and process in Modify access. He does not checkout any entity inside his subset.

    Not sure why then it was affecting me to add any entity inside Group View. If someone can explain this it would be great.




  • 6.  Re: Protection Error.

    Posted Apr 13, 2016 03:55 PM

    Abhi0810 without knowing the exact nature of your subset and other people's subsets, it is difficult to say as the subset expansion tables for both the host and client/server encyclopedias indicate that including an action diagram in a subset includes any entity types used by that action diagram in the subset with Access protection which should allow views to be created on them.  It's possible, however, that someone else's subset included something that gave them delete protection on the entity type and thus would have downgraded your access for that entity type to read and thus you would not have been able to create a view of that entity type.

  • 7.  Re: Protection Error.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 13, 2016 05:13 PM

    Yes it is not just the objects that are explicitly scoped in the subset that are relevant to protection locks because the subset expansion will bring in other related objects & thus place corresponding protection locks on them as well. This wiki page has a good summary:

    Subsetting Concepts - CA Gen - 8.5 - CA Technologies Documentation

  • 8.  Re: Protection Error.

    Posted Apr 11, 2016 02:30 PM

    I think that if you need to create views of a particular entity type in an action diagram, you need to include that entity type explicitly in your subset definition and ask for access or modify permission.  See the subsetting documentation (one HE subsetting doc that mentions this is here).