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CA Communities Decathlon: Ready, Set, GO!

  • 1.  CA Communities Decathlon: Ready, Set, GO!

    Community Manager
    Posted Sep 23, 2014 02:35 PM

    decathlon.jpgYou're a member of the CA Mainframe Storage Community because you want to connect with CA experts, peers and other mainframe storage leaders. Here's your chance to get more involved -- the CA Communities Decathlon.

    And, you could win a prize for doing it.


    The Decathlon consists of ten key activities within the CA Communities. Each CA Communities user who completes these actions will earn the Decathlon badge, which will qualify them to be entered into a drawing for one of two awesome prizes -- an iPad mini or Jawbone wristband!


    You can get all of the details and rules here: CA Communities Decathlon, but Decathlon includes:

    1. Start 5 discussions
    2. 2 ideas posted
    3. 1 status update
    4. 1 collaborative document
    5. 1 uploaded document
    6. 2 poll votes
    7. 5 answers marked as “Correct”
    8. 5 items you posted “Liked”
    9. 5 pieces of content Bookmarked
    10. 5 pieces of content shared


    Finish this ten-part competition and you will be eligible to win an iPad mini or Jawbone wristband. The contest will run for six weeks and those who complete the decathlon will be placed into a raffle which will be take place on October 30, 2014.

    Each of the Activities above is counted as one activity each, and will be tracked through a report that CA will run at the end of the six weeks. Once you've been identified as completing the ten activities, you will receive a badge to signify you're completion of the Decathlon.

    Only one raffle entry is permitted per person, so using more than one email address is not be permitted.

    Are you ready? Get started today!