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OPS/REXX Wordfile for UltraEdit

  • 1.  OPS/REXX Wordfile for UltraEdit

    Posted Feb 24, 2017 01:49 PM

    I like to use UltraEdit to do my code editing and it has customizable syntax highlighting via what IDM Software calls a "wordfile". I am currently working on setting up a wordfile for OPS/REXX based on the REXX wordfile I got from IDM but I was wondering if anyone else out there either has one already set up or has tried to set one up?


    A couple issues I have run into at the moment are getting the rule components to be recognized ")MSG", ")INIT", etc. and having duplicate words in different color groups. Since everything seems to be spaced delimited I can't find a way to distinguish say a function name from a command processor for highlighting purposes.