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  • 1.  Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Posted Sep 18, 2015 10:56 AM



    Having just picked up the task of supporting Ops/MVS on z/OS, I was wondering if it had the functionality if grouping applications together so that they could be started and stopped as an entity? For example, we have defined CA Chorus software manager to OPS/MVS with the following 3 started tasks:






    These 3 tasks are normally started & stopped together and need to be brought up or down in order. I could change the desired state of each task to 'UP' or 'DOWN' but it would be more convenient if I could create some sort of group called 'MSM' which I could then 'Start' or 'Stop'. This would also help when I'm not sure which application belong together or for large groups (e.g. 'DEVCICS').


    I have some ideas on implementing this via an RDF table (with group names and the tasks and recursive groups within those tasks) but wanted to know if a solution already existed?





  • 2.  Re: Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Posted Sep 21, 2015 01:29 PM

    Several solutions here for implementing this type of 'GROUP' control for these tasks. The method chosen really depends on the number of resources that you would need to manually control as a 'group'. Meaning, if it is for just a handful of resources, then the best method may be to add 'logic' to just handle these resources rather than a full blown solution such as adding a 'GROUPNAME' column to your STCTBL if the logic is only for a handful of resources.

    #1) If the TYPE column is not being used for these MSM resources, then simply use this column, setting TYPE to something like MSM. Then if using the SSMCNTL sample control rule, or logic similar to it, a console command like SSM PT TYPE=MSM to stop all TYPE=MSM and SSM ST TYPE TYPE=MSM to start all can be issued.

    #2) Designate the 'first' task to start (last one to stop) as the 'primary' control resource, and then in the UP_DOWN/DOWN_UP actions for that primary resource drive an OPS/REXX pgm (STARTMSM/SHUTMSM) that has logic to set DS for other components or invoke the supplied STATESET OPS/REXX pgm as the action with the SUBREQ() or PREREQ() options depending on UP_DOWN/DOWN_UP

    #3) Simply add logic in SSMCNTL sample rule or similar pseudo SSM control rule that allows for something like SSM START MSM/SSM STOP MSM, and the supporting SQL update logic simply sets the DESIRED state "where JOBNAME like 'MSM%'" to cntl MSM components.

    #4) Add a GROUPNAME column to the STCTBL and then adjust supporting code (like SSMCNTL) to manipulate via the GROUPNAME column (SSM SG GROUP=MSM to start a group, or SSM PG GROUP=MSM) to stop a group.


    An Upcoming "Agile Feature" (incremental) PTF will soon be available for #4 (adding group column and then having logic in SSMCNTL to control the group) if you chose this method and want to use a distributed sample for this logic and if it fits your requirements.

  • 3.  Re: Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Posted Sep 24, 2015 10:22 AM

    I have been looking at this as well as I roll out Stateman. I too run MSM but I haven't grouped them (or anything yet) but it is on my task list. Of the methods presented I personally like the TYPE column. It is simple to implement and the SSMCNTL pseudo command is a really nice addition. Adding a column to the STCTBL was also a thought I had if the TYPE column was being used in some other way. Our big push to do grouping of tasks is CICS regions. We have 200+ on our production system (Don't ask, just roll with it.) Currently they are grouped together without using Stateman as I haven't rolled it out there yet. There are commands which will start and stop these groups of regions but let's just say the code and maintenance is ugly. I am working with our CICS experts to get these into well defined groups so when Stateman comes over we can make use of the TYPE column and the SSMCNTL. Once that is in place, starting and stopping mass quantities of CICS regions will be a breeze.

  • 4.  Re: Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Posted Oct 05, 2015 12:28 PM

    We currently  use the TYPE field to group CICS & IMS & a few other tasks together. Then in the STCTBL_ACT table we issue one of 3 commands which takes the group name and shuts it down or brings it up.  Works nice and easy to update.

  • 5.  Re: Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 16, 2015 11:55 AM

    System State Manager (SSM) Control Groups in OPS/MVS r12.3

    Users may now group SSM resources and perform actions such as displaying, starting, and stopping resources as a Control Group. The sample pseudo command rule SSMCNTL has been updated with these new actions.

    • This feature requires an upgrade to SSM version 3 (parameter SSMVERSION=3).
    • This feature requires addition of a new Control Groups column (SSM#CNTLGRP VARCHAR(128) UPPER CASE) to the SSM resource tables. The new OPS/REXX utility OPSSM3CV is provided to convert existing SSM version 2 resource tables.

    You can assign group names to the new Control Groups column for a resource through the updated SSM Resource Table Editor or RDF Table Editor.

    The OPSVIEW 4.11.2 display has been updated to include the contents of the new Control Groups column.

    For additional information on sample pseudo command rule SSMCNTL and the Control Groups column, see Use A Pseudo Command Rule to Manually Control SSM Activity in Using System State Manager.

  • 6.  Re: Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Posted Dec 16, 2015 01:48 PM

    Will this be available for release 12.1 or 12.2?

  • 7.  Re: Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 16, 2015 02:11 PM

    This feature will NOT be ported back to prior releases of OPS/MVS.

  • 8.  Re: Implementing 'Groups' in Ops/MVS

    Posted Jul 12, 2016 09:35 AM

    Just looking into appling the PTF RO86254 and associated maintenance to implement this group behavior.