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Tuesday Tip: CAICCI corrective fix published

  • 1.  Tuesday Tip: CAICCI corrective fix published

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 30, 2014 02:53 PM

    On September 23, 2014 CAICCI r14.1 PTF RO71715 was published and is available for download. This PTF supercedes APAR TR71715 and is the corrective PTF for previously PE'd PTF RO65223. The associated FMID is CAW4E10.


    Note: For our customers still running CCI r14.0 the equivalent PTF is RO71723.  This PTF supercedes APAR TR71723 and corrects previously PE'd PTF RO67009. The associated FMID is CAW4E00.


    The PTF contains the following Problem Description:

    After a CCITCPGW/SSLGW disconnect, or the cleanup from a "STALL" condition, the CCITCPGW/SSLGW address space may become unresponsive and the connection subtasks may not be dispatched. This will result in a backup of outbound requests from CA-Solutions.  This problem could manifest itself as a hang in a CA-solution, CCI SEND TIMEOUTS, or possibly a storage problem.


    In addition, this PTF includes some additional corrections:

    1. S0C1 in CCITCPGW after a previous abend
    3. Port specified in CCI proc overrides port specified on CCI PROTOCOL statement
    4. Updates to CCITCPGW Estae recovery routine. A symptom of this problem would be a possible dump with title: CAS9PSLS Subtask Abend
    5. CCITCPGW may exhibit a failure to reconnect after an abend
    6. A CCI dynamic NODE update is not honored during connection retry processing


    Anyone running with RO65223/RO67009 is encouraged to install the corrective PTF. Any additional questions/problems should be directed to the technical support staff by opening a new case for CA Common Services. This can be done on your own using the CA Support Online site (http://support.ca.com) or by calling 1-800-CALL-CAI (225-5224)