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  • 1.  R095587

    Posted May 16, 2017 11:16 AM

    This CAIRIM PTF came up with no doc on what it actually does.  Can anyone provide more information?




    Operating System:    OSSolution No:    94
    Confirmed Date:    05/05/2017Updated Date:    05/05/2017
    Component:    CA Resource Initialization Manager(Comm)-CAIRIMRelease:     14.1
    Fix:    RO95587Hyper:    No
    Distribution Code:    AVAILABLE   


    Problem Description

      This PTF delivers the OPS/MVS Integration Service, a new common service
      that allows CA products to more easily integrate with OPS/MVS. This is an
      enhancement to the existing CAIRIM component.
     Resource Initialization Manager Release 14.1



  • 2.  Re: R095587

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 16, 2017 02:23 PM

    Hi Chris,


    This integration service for CA products is an extension of the existing OPS API service that CA products used to generate OPS API events (intercepted by OPS API rules). Prior to to this PTF, this was an Assembler API that z/OS based CA products could use. This PTF extends the API to C & Java based interfaces. Specifically this was written for the Mainframe Operations Intelligence Alarm Manager to notify OPS of Anomalies that OPS could possible rectify via automation. IFYI this is a CA Internal API. 


    If your next question is how could I use this API. the answer is you cannot. But...... you can use the OPS/MVS Web Service to generate an OPS generic API event. See the OPS 12.3 documentation.


    Making Web Service Requests to Generate an API Event - CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation - 12.3 - CA Technolog… 


    or the OPS 13.0 documentation


    Making Web Service Requests to Generate an API Event - CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation - 13.0 - CA Technolog… 


    Tom Jenkins

  • 3.  Re: R095587
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 16, 2017 03:06 PM

    Hello Chris,

    My name is Joseph Reilly and I'm the Product Owner for CA Common Service for z/OS which includes the component CAIRIM. The PTF you have pointed out changes CAIRIM by adding the new OPS/MVS Integration Service. We inadvertently left out a link in the HOLDDATA to a better description of the OPS/MVS Integration Service.


    The OPS/MVS Integration Service is strictly used by CA products to easily integrate with any OPS/MVS instances that you have running and if you don't it informs the CA products so they can take appropriate action. OPS/MVS had provided an assembler interface but this new service provides both a Java and a C interface.


    I hope this helps clarify the situation. Please let me know.