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Does CA Spool interface with any Pull Printing software such as SafeCom?

  • 1.  Does CA Spool interface with any Pull Printing software such as SafeCom?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 24, 2017 07:40 AM

    Based on a recent request from a customer, we implemented a quick proof of concept to implement Pull Printing using SafeCom Server from Nuance Communications.  Here are the steps we took:


    1.  We used SafeCom Pull Port Monitor to add a “local” SafeCom Pull Printer called “SAFECOM”.  We did not make any other definitions within SafeCom.

    2.  We added a CA Spool printer NODE to direct output to the SafeCom server using SAFECOM as the print queue name.    






    3.  We printed some files using NODE PULLTEST that were created by a couple of different userids.

    4.  After CA Spool was done sending the files, we used File Manager to look at the SafeCom/SafeComG4/data directory and we saw some new files that had just been created.

    5.  In the SafeCom Administrator GUI, the list of Users for that server now included all of the userids that created the Spool files we sent.  SafeCom found these userids in the LPR control file we sent and dynamically added them to their userid table. 

    6.  At that point, it is SafeCom’s responsibility to route the files to any SafeCom-enabled printer based on the criteria they use to identify each person at one of those devices.  The SafeCom solution supports printing from multiple client operating systems. Since users often do not use the same user logon for all systems, the SafeCom solution’s alias mapping feature allows users access their documents from all systems using the same SafeCom account, by adding their mainframe userid as an alias to their SafeCom user logon, which is normally the same as the user’s Windows logon.


    In this case, there was very little to do on the CA Spool side to prove the concept.  However, there are no real standards for Pull Printing.  A different vendor may have different requirements.  If you have experiences with Pull Printing with SafeCom or any other vendor, please post about it.  If you experienced problems and you wish to try again, let us know.  We would be happy to work with you and your Pull Printing vendor to try to resolve any problems.