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Tech Tip: CA Spool and IBM’s APAR OA49921 impact to the TCP/IP PrintDirect feature.

  • 1.  Tech Tip: CA Spool and IBM’s APAR OA49921 impact to the TCP/IP PrintDirect feature.

    Posted Jan 03, 2017 10:19 AM

    A system abend S0C4-4 can occur while printing to IP devices via the TCP/IP PrintDirect feature. As of today the situation has been reported only under z/OS 2.2. If a dump is available confirm in the LEDATA component the last action performed by CA Spool provided ESFTCPLP module was to call IBM provided getaddrinfo API.


    This is an excerpt of a trace back section from a dump sent to us for research:



      DSA      Entry       E  Offset  Statement   Load Mod

      1        __gtaddrinfo-05459794              CEEEV003

      2        getaddrinfo +00000080              CEEEV003

      3        main        +00002BFE                      

      4        EDCZMINV    +000000C0              CEEEV003

      5        CEEBBEXT    +000001C6              CEEPLPKA


    Just before the call to the API a S0C4-4 abend in BPXJCPC is posted. Confirm the situation looking at the Primary Symptom String section of the dump to see if it is similar to this one:



      Symptom            Symptom data       Explanation                           

      ---------------    -------------      -----------                           

      RIDS/BPXINLPA#L    BPXINLPA#L         Routine identifier                    

      RIDS/BPXJCPC       BPXJCPC            Routine identifier                    

      PIDS/5752SCPX1     5752SCPX1          Component identifier                  

      AB/S00C4           00C4               ABEND code - system                   

      RIDS/BPXMIPCE#R    BPXMIPCE#R         Routine identifier                    

      VALU/H00000024     00000024           Error related hexadecimal value       

      REGS/C7FAA         C7FAA              Program register                      

      PRCS/00000004      00000004           Return code                           

      VALU/COPENMVS      OPENMVS            Error related character value         


    When contacting IBM ask for IBM APAR OA49921

    See: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=isg1OA49921


    Applicable component levels:


    Be aware that IBM has to be contacted to confirm the IBM APAR number and applicable PTFs for your specific z/OS system level. There is no circumvention to mitigate the reported problem other than to install the maintenance recommended by IBM.