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NEW CA Disk release!  Become an early CA Disk Version 14.0 tester

  • 1.  NEW CA Disk release!  Become an early CA Disk Version 14.0 tester

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 09, 2021 12:08 PM
    Edited by Lenn Thompson Jun 01, 2021 01:08 PM

    Dear Community,

    We are excited to share with you the great news that we have finished CA Disk Backup and Archive Version 14.0 and we are moving to the validation stage.

    Version 14.0 provides new capability for managing zFS single file for backup, archive, restore, move and copy.  It also contains PDSE version 2 native support for all functions and fully supports DFSMS Release space, releasing unused space on all volumes for more efficient storage usage. 

    Your participation offers you the ability to validate the new capabilities and provide your feedback directly to the development team.  As a participant in the validation program, you will communicate directly with the product development team to investigate and address any reported problems and to provide your thoughts on the new capability. 

    Do you want to be a part of the early testing and have a direct influence on the future shape and development of this release? This is exactly the right time and place to be!

    How to get onboarded onto the validation project?

    All the files, documentation, and other important details for the CA Disk 14.0 validation are located at https://validate.broadcom.com. In order to obtain access, anybody interested has to be onboarded to the validation project. There are two ways how to achieve this:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Customers can sign in to the validate site only with their email associated with https://support.broadcom.com/.

    • Request to be added

      Send an email to the Product Owner Eardis Grisby requesting the access and providing an email address. The user will be added and will receive an email invite from the validation site.


    • Sign up yourself


    Simply visit following URL and follow the steps on the screen to sign in to the validation project. Alternatively, you can use following QR code.




    Or via QR Code:

    Eardis Grisby
    Product Owner