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CA Tip: Cannot rename your XCOM iSeries(AS/400) Library?

  • 1.  CA Tip: Cannot rename your XCOM iSeries(AS/400) Library?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 10, 2014 01:52 PM

    If you cannot RENAME your XCOM install library after removing the library from your User library list, issue the following command to see what objects have a lock on the library:

             - WRKOBJLCK OBJ(QSYS/xcomlib) OBJTYPE(*LIB)  -- this will result in a list of objects that have a lock on the XCOM library

    The above also confirms that the XCOM library was added to the QUSRLIBL during the install of XCOM.

    To be able to RENAME the library you would need to issue the following commands and IPL your iSeries system since you will be changing a System Variable:


           - CHGSYSVAL SYSVAL(QUSRLIBL) and prompt <F4>   -- follow/fillout any other parameters to Remove the XCOM library from the list

           - IPL and Rename the XCOM library once the system is running once again

     Please refer to the IBM iSeries manuals should you require more details on the above iSeries commands.