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SMF DIRECTOR EXTRACT-Using WHEN for time-of-day window selection

  • 1.  SMF DIRECTOR EXTRACT-Using WHEN for time-of-day window selection

    Posted Dec 14, 2018 04:03 PM

    With CA SMF DIRECTOR, consider the opportunity for SMF data extract where you are only interested in past 14 days, but only from 08.00 until 17.00 as a time-of-day window) -- all other time-periods are to be excluded.  This can be accomplished effectively with the WHEN(...) parameter and using the "offset" coding technique.


    The SMF recording timestamp is stored in two sub-fields with the 1/100th seconds since midnight in the first 4 bytes followed by the Julian date (with a century minus 1900).

    And with this knowledge, the time-of-day for 08.00 can be calculated as 8 hours times 3600 (seconds in an hour) times 100 -- and represented in hex as X'002BF200' -- similarly 17.00 is represented in hex as X'005D6240'.

    And with SMF DIRECTOR EXTRACT/PRINT documentation on the WHEN / <offset> technique, the location of the time-portion of the SMF recording timestamp is at +8 into the SMF record.

    Here is the resulting SMF DIRECTOR EXTRACT example -- demonstrating how to select the past 14 days with time-of-day limit to 08.00 until 17.00:


    EXTRACT SID(<sid_list>) SELECT(70.1 113.2) FROMDAYSAGO(14) TODAYSAGO(1)

      WHEN(8,GE,X'002BF200',LT,X'005D6240') .

    /* the above EXTRACT selects RMF CPU (70.1) and HIS/CPU_MF (113.2) data for the

    /*    past 14 days, limiting the time-of-day selected to 08.00 until just before 17.00.


    Curious to see community posts with others' creative uses for SMF DIRECTOR, even beyond EXTRACT processing or otherwise ??




    Scott Barry

    SBBWorks, Inc.