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CA SMF Director 12.7 Support for z/OS 2.3

  • 1.  CA SMF Director 12.7 Support for z/OS 2.3

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 29, 2017 10:59 AM

    I am happy to announce the availability of PTF RO97894 which will provide full support for all of the changes in CA SMF Director 12.7 for the changes to SMF that are included in z/OS 2.3.  The primary focus for change in SMF with z/OS 2.3 is that SMF record types can now range from 0 through 2,047, instead of the traditional 255.  


    With this, existing SMF records will not change but there will be a time in the future where IBM will produce SMF records with a type larger than 255. These records will have a new format SMF record header, which is an expansion to the existing header.  


    The primary change to CA SMF Director is to allow control statements that perform selective SMF record processing to handle record types up to 2047.  These control statements have changed:

    • LISTH
    • PRINT
    • SPLIT


    For more information and links to the changes please visit the CA SMF Director documentation Wiki:  Post-GA Enhancements - CA SMF Director - 12.7 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    Additionally, for z/OS 2.3, for customers with logstream dumping, there is a necessary action that must be taken to ensure SMF logstream dumping works as expected.  The SMFPRMxx member that is active for your LPARs currently includes the SMFDLEXIT parameter with the USER1, USER2 and USER3 operands indicating the SMF Director logstream dumping user exits SMFDLX1, SMFDLX2 and SMFDLX3 respectively.  When z/OS 2.3 is installed, you will need to add the USER4 and USER5 operand, with USER4 also indicating SMFDLX1 and USER5 also indicating SMFDLX2. So the operands should be coded like this:




    Of course, needed additional exits can be coded for any and all of the USERx operands, but these must be included for SMF Director logstream dumping to function.  The new operands on the SMFDLEXIT parameter are only available on z/OS 2.3, so this needs to be set up very soon after install of z/OS 2.3 for installations recording SMF data to logstreams.