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  • 1.  New Time Range EXTRACT/PRINT Operands in CA SMF Director 12.7

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 29, 2016 09:08 AM

    I am happy to announce the availability of PTF RO91990 which will provide several new methods to indicate a logical time range on the EXTRACT and PRINT control statements in CA SMF Director 12.7.  Some of the new operands are aliases of existing operands, provided for more clarity in the coding of EXTRACT and PRINT statements, and some offer new functionality.


    First the aliases:


    LASTWEEK - Alias of LWEEK, gathers data from the previous week.

    LASTMONTH - Alias of LMONTH, gathers data from the previous month.


    And the new operands are:


    LASTYEAR - Gathers data from the previous year.  This can be used to find needles in a year long haystack, such as searching for IPL records (Type 0) over the course of a year. Since SMF Director stores a record type index with each history file, only those files with the sought out types will be examined. 


    FROMDAYSAGO/TODAYSAGO - Allows for a logical date/time range that is based on the current day. These operands have similar syntax to FROM and TO and are used together. These operands accept one or two values.  The first value is the number of days to count back from today, with valid values being 0 through 366. The second optional operand is the time of day in HHMM format.  If the second operand is omitted, the default on FROMDAYSAGO is 0000 and the default on TODAYSAGO is 2400.  As an example, to set up a daily extract of SMF Type 30 records from system SYSA that covers the previous two days, you can code:




    SDAY - Similar to the configuration value of SDAY used to indicate the start of the day logically for SMF Director, this operand will allow an override of the value for the EXTRACT or PRINT statement being processed. 


    For more details, a documentation change is available, RI92284

  • 2.  Re: New Time Range EXTRACT/PRINT Operands in CA SMF Director 12.7

    Posted Nov 08, 2016 12:20 PM

    The recent FROMDAYSAGO/TODAYSAGO enhancement with EXTRACT/PRINT are most welcomed (finally after several years of being in the "queue").....  SMF DIRECTOR sites may have implemented REXX-coding to generate these statements and now the support is built-in to the product,

    This enhancement is well-received and so it gives merit to the idea that "feedback is important" as to how/what clients need with CA SMF DIRECTOR, consider the SCRT(...) operand.


    And still waiting for the EXCLUDESID(....) enhancement, where often it is less-coding to identify what SIDs are not of interest, as in test- vs production-SID selection.


    Given CA COMMUNITIES' "ideation" is the communication vehicle for enhancements and product improvement, sites are strongly encouraged to let CA know what's important as usability improvements -- and also, the support-method for others' enhancement ideas is obviously needed and so all clients/admins/users are encouraged to VOTE-UP for enhancements that appear to be interesting.


    Apparently, from what we've seen recently, CA SMF DIRECTOR will respond to users, but it takes persistence and attention to keep the product development (R&D) management engaged....



    Scott Barry
    SBBWorks, Inc.