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SMF DIRECTOR and SCRT monthly reporting

  • 1.  SMF DIRECTOR and SCRT monthly reporting

    Posted Dec 06, 2014 02:49 PM

    IBM z/OS mainframe sites that have wisely chosen CA SMF DIRECTOR to manage/streamline/simplify SMF data administration might consider these ideas with exploiting various product features:

    1) EXTRACT now supports the SCRT(n) parameter to allow sites to code an EXTRACT statement generically in order to generate the correct date-range needed for SCRT SMF data extraction.

    2) Consider using the SMF DIRECTOR SPLIT feature to create/maintain a separate SCRT-unique (SMF types 70 and 89) on DASD for monthly SCRT reporting process; then use a particular MGMTCLAS so that the SPLIT file is self-managed, deleting the extra-set of records only after some defined time-period.

    3) If using DASD storage for SCRT-related SMF types, consider using a MGMTCLAS to ensure that the SMF DIRECTOR HISTORY file containing the SMF 70 and 89 types is not migrated off to ML2 until after say 40 days, ensuring that quick-access will be allowed to the data-subset needed for SCRT reporting.


    Scott Barry

    SBBWorks, Inc.