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SMF DIRECTOR r12.7 now GA with new features/functions

  • 1.  SMF DIRECTOR r12.7 now GA with new features/functions

    Posted Oct 24, 2013 03:32 PM

    CA has released SMF DIRECTOR r12.7 - consider the enhancements/improvements below with either PAX/EDS or CHORUS (CSM) installation / testing / upgrade:

    1) EXTRACT has a new SCRT(...) parameter allowing sites to code generic EXTRACT requests for IBM-required SCRT submissions.
    2) Long-running EXTRACT requests no longer prevent a concurrent SCDS backup job from failing with a contention error.
    3) For sites using DASD-directed SMS-managed HISTORY/SUBSTREAM/SPLIT outputs with DUMP operations, full support is now provided for SMS construct definitions.
    4) SPLIT output files managed with INDEX / TIMEGDG(...) facility can now specify INDEXDAYS(ddd) instead of just INDEXLIM(nnn) for data retention in the INDEX/INDEXDUP files.
    5) A utility is now provided to de-compile an SMF DIRECTOR (SCDS) configuration.
    6) Online facility (TSO/ISPF) now provided for generating EXTRACT requests.
    7) Error-type messages can now be directed to the z/OS SYSLOG allowing sites to leverage automation rule firing based on message conditions with DUMP processing.
    8) For EXTRACT requests, then WHEN(..) parameter has been enhanced to allow any offset within the entire SMF record, now including the SMF HEADER portion.

    Scott Barry
    SBBWorks, Inc.