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Understanding the Lifecycle of Db2 Tools from CA

By Philippe Dubost posted 02-02-2018 06:26 AM


In May 2018, CA Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS Version 18.0 (Db2 Tools from CA) will reach its End-Of-Service (EOS) date.


If you are still using Version 18.0, you have the option to upgrade to:

  • Version 19.0 (Complete: Feature Stable)
  • Version 20.0 (Incremental: Continuous Delivery)


How does my Db2 Version impact my Decision?

When choosing between Version 19.0 or Version 20.0, the very first thing to consider is which IBM Db2 version you are using now, and when you plan to upgrade to the next one.


  • If you are using IBM Db2 10 (out-of-support since October 2017) or IBM Db2 11, you can use either supported Versions (19.0 and 20.0). See the next section for more details.
  • If you are planning to upgrade to IBM Db2 12 in the near future, we recommend that you install Version 20.0 to be ready in advance.
  • If you are using IBM Db2 12, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Version 20.0, which supports Db2 12 function levels higher than M500. Version 19.0 only provides support for Db2 12 up to and including function level V12R1M100 for migration, and V12R1M500 for new function.


How do I choose between a Complete Version or an Incremental Version?

If you are not yet on IBM Db2 12 (and do not plan to upgrade in the near future), how do you choose whether to upgrade to the Complete Feature Stable Version (19.0) or the Incremental Continuous Delivery Version (20.0)?


Simply said, the answer to this question is “it depends” on your upgrade approach and attitude to new features:

  • Complete Version 19.0: If you value stability over all else and new functionality is not necessary
  • Incremental Version 20.0: If you need to have the newest Db2 Tools functionality and do not want to wait for the Complete Version that includes that functionality
  • Best of Both Worlds: To have both stability and new functionality, install the Complete Version 19.0 on your mission critical systems and use the Incremental Version 20.0 on your test systems. With this approach, the new functions are familiar when the incremental Version 20.0 will become a Complete Version.


If you are comfortable with the Continuous Delivery model of IBM Db2 12, which introduces new features in the maintenance stream for faster adoption, select Incremental Version 20.0. This delivery model is similar to the incremental release delivery model from CA, which also introduces new features regularly through PTFs.

For more information about incremental releases from CA, see Is an Incremental Release Right for You?. For more information about the features that have been delivered so far in Incremental Version 20.0, see New Product Features and Enhancements.


Technical Considerations: Complete Version vs. Incremental Version

When using Db2 Tools from CA under the Incremental model (Continuous Delivery), customers receive new features regularly in the maintenance stream as Enhancement PTFs, packaged in Increments, in addition to the corrective PTFs. When using a Complete Version (Feature Stable), customers receive only corrective PTFs.


It’s good to keep in mind as well that when opting for an Incremental Version, customers are tacitly expected to “keep current” in maintenance. While it is technically possible (in some circumstances) to pick and choose which PTFs to apply, there is generally a high dependency between PTFs at the modular level, because Enhancement PTFs (Increment) typically affect a larger portion of the code base. In other words, customers opting for an Incremental Version should not expect to have the liberty to pick and choose PTFs, and should be comfortable with the idea of regular maintenance to “keep current”.




“1+1” standard Delivery Schedule: Db2 Tools from CA