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CA Gen Development Blog no.6 Community Ideas "Under Review"

By Rob_T posted Jul 24, 2018 03:25 PM


We have begun an internal process to resolve the status of the many "Under Review" ideas within the community. Many of these have languished for an excessive time, and it is my goal to provide answers regarding their eventual state.


Over the next 30 days or so several months (the decision process is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated), we will be changing the status of all items currently marked "Under Review" to a more definite status. The decisions will be based on merit, feasibility, votes, and resources - from a resource standpoint based on the likelihood of the idea being implemented within the current (Gen 8.6 continuous delivery) or next release of Gen.


Some Under Review" ideas will be placed in the "Currently Planned" category, and others will be wish-listed or "Not-Planned". But all will be finally given at least planned resolution. Wish-listed ideas will be reviewed again during subsequent release planning.


Where the idea has a negative outcome, I will try to explain our reasoning in a comment attached to the original idea.   


There will be additional work to clean up the wish list and other categories as the year progresses.


Best Regards,


Rob Thompson

Product Owner, CA Gen