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Linking Rules Extended and not with DC and Batch

By Gary Cherlet posted Mar 24, 2015 07:00 PM


Another post from the "IDMS Help Desk" series. As with previous posts on this blog - the question and reply are in the attachment. This has the potential to turn into a discussion - as there are opinions in both the original post and the reply which may invite further response from the Community!

Enjoy - cheers - GaryC


-----Original Message-----

From:          IDMS User

To:              IDMS Help Desk

Subject:      Linking Rules Extended and not with DC and Batch


I was in a meeting concerning an on-line called program in an ADS environment which needed to be extended. Naturally, other related questions were raised, so I volunteered (I haven't learned yet) to write up an explanation.


Would anyone care to peruse the following and comment, correct, or whatever?  Any insight would be appreciated, especially one that tells me my attempt actually already exists in an accurate form and where to find it.


Thank you

IDMS User – Application Developer / Application Support