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CADRE Technical Conference, Jan. 2015

By RGBogan posted Sep 08, 2014 10:27 AM


If you have been in the CADRE Community, lately, you will have seen the notices for the conference.

we are requesting information from the attendees, on what classes or hands on or topics they are interested.

we have prepared a list of suggested topics:

Online Re-org (R14 new feature)

Online Move (R14 new feature)

R15 Upgrade, (supporting 24/365 functionality)

CDC & CDC PLUS(R14 enhancement)

DB Server install(mainframe/server/PC) & implementation

zIIP processing

SQL processing




and for new Datacom DBA staff:

intro to DataDictionary

intro to SYSVIEW


These are only suggestions and we would really like to present only training that you, the attendees, want/need.

So, be sure to fill out the registration form and your preferred courses, as soon as possible.


You may also reply to this, with additional suggestions.






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