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Edge contest – Win Admission to CA World 16

By Legacy User posted Sep 08, 2016 10:02 AM


You may or may not be aware, recently CA has released a Free version of the CA Gen toolset (8.6)

Over time we will be encouraging users to create and submit  video tutorials, white papers, proof of concept and even code snippets/models to be shared. In essence we are looking for anything constructive that can be helpful to those who might be new to Gen, as well as to those who may be looking to enhance their Gen skill set.


So what does that have to do with winning free admission to CA World 16?

It’s simple.  The Edge board is looking for ideas on how to best demonstrate the capabilities and strength of CA Gen.

From now Thru Sept 30th   October 15th,  we are requesting that community members submit ideas for an app or series of apps that can be constructed and used to demonstrate the power of CA Gen using the free version of the toolset.


We are not looking for the app itself, rather the idea for an app…..

On October 16th we will select the submission we feel has the most merit.


Here is an example:  I am a model railroader and I have a lot of trains. If I was eligible I might submit the idea of building some form of application (app) using Gen to keep track of my trains (locomotives, rolling stock) that I own.  I would like to have my "List"  accessible from my Android or IOS device.  I could use app when I attend a train show, I can check to see if I already own something I am looking at buying. 


So here is the fine print


1.    All community members can submit ideas for an app. However, Employees of CA or CA Technology/Services Partners (and family members) are not eligible to win.

2.    We are giving away 1 free admission/entry to CA World 2016  (A value of up to $1995 USD) in Las Vegas (Nov 14th – Nov 18th).   The winner will be responsible to cover their own  travel expenses, hotel accommodations, transportation and any other additional expenses incurred by the winner in attending CA World 2016

3.  You must be a registered member of the EDGE community to submit your app idea.

4.  Any idea submitted to EDGE  may be used to construct content for the EDGE community or used in EDGE events at a later date.  Some examples of usage (but not limited to) are tutorials, white papers, downloadable code snippets, examples etc…

5. The winning entry will be selected by the EDGE board.  In the event of the same idea being submitted twice, time of submission will take precedence.

6. Our winner will be notified on October 1st  October 16th and an announcement will be made in the EDGE community.  

7. This contest is sponsored by the Edge board and not CA/CA Technologies.  The Edge board is a completely separate entity.


How do you submit your idea? 

All Ideas should be submitted to myself via message via the communities site. In order to be able to send me a message, you need to be following me. 


Looking forward to seeing all of your ideas.  If you have any questions, please message me.


Darcy Elliott

President - Edge