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Meet CA Support Engineer for CA Spool and CA OPS/MVS: Cesar Molina

By Rachel_Macik posted Jul 28, 2015 12:57 PM


Picture_of_a_IBM_4361.jpgcesarMolina.jpgCesar Molina has been at CA a total of 18 years! He spent 7 years at CA Technologies Venezuela before transferring to the US in 2003. Before his career with CA, Cesar attended The University of Venezuela where he worked as an IBM Mainframe operator, while acquiring his masters in Computer Networking and Telecommunications. Cesar currently supports CA Spool and CA OPS/MVS.

Cesar believes it is extremely important to participate in the communities, not only because it’s a great tool for support to get information to customers, but because customers can address the rest of the community members as well.


Communities give customers the chance to exchange product experience or needs that could be [for] the benefit of other clients as well an opportunity for the company to improve our products.”


One way this exchange of information happens is Knowledge articles.


"Knowledge Documents and Tips are great tools Customer Support uses to exchange information with the client base on product specific information that is not contained on our official product manuals that could potentially avoid new tickets to be open and promote issue deflection by let the client help themselves."


Search the Knowledge Base Articles for CA Spool


When he is not working with our customers, Cesar enjoys spending quality time with his family, and developing his career. For example, as part of the Leadership Development Program, Cesar created this "Personal Leadership Map":


If you would like more information on joining the Global Customer Success Team for CA, search the careers site here: ca.com/careers


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