Useful CA Gen support links

By Lynn Williams posted 06-06-2019 01:45 AM

Since the recent support portal migration some useful links have temporarily disappeared from he CA Gen product Home page
Here is a list which you may find useful:

CA Gen Product Home Page:

CA Gen Solutions & Patches Indexes:

CA Gen Release and Support Lifecycle Dates:

CA Gen Product Release and Support Announcements:

CA Gen 8.6 documentation:

CA Gen 8.5 documentation:



11-22-2019 05:00 AM

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the prompt reply and action regarding this and, yes, the links are useful while we await any re-design. I have communicated with Josh Schmidt regarding the support portal in the past as I was somewhat involved in the beta of the previous attempt at improving matters within CA (when the support app was produced - remember that!?)​ but I feel we still face an ongoing battle that the 'look, feel and behaviour' of the BC/CA website/portal is at turns fragmented, confusing, frustrating, inexplicable and sometimes illogical - despite the fact that those supporting CA's tools within your organisation are dedicated and knowledgeable and, speaking frankly, deserve better. 

I long for a return to improved identity of 'proper' product pages once you have logged in, including a customisable dashboard listing out all the products I am interested in and a consistent set of pages clearly setting out latest news, updates, documentation, support queries, community links, metrics, etc. etc. rather than the current offering that, on each click, seems to take you to an entirely different page structure, colour scheme, theme, click behaviour, etc. I do feel the support portal continues to hold back the product(s) and certainly makes attempting to obtain information or submit questions/issues an extremely laborious and frustrating process.

Yes, the BC transition is largely concluded and difficulties were bound to occur during this phase but now this is over there is a significant opportunity, as I stated to Josh, to improve matters at a fundamental level: perhaps not all at once but over time. I feel a big step would be some clarity about the support/product roadmap and direction of travel for the site allowing customers to comment and feedback their views and perspectives. A survey perhaps? In my opinion, CA/BC are undersellling their products and your support agents with the current site and that, for evangelists for CA products like ourselves, seems a huge pity. 

Kindest Regards


11-21-2019 07:47 PM


Good point about the missing Alerts section.
For the new steps to be more visible I have published this new post on the Mainframe Software Community page:

I know there are plans to redesign the portal within the next year so it may well change again and thus I don't know whether the Alerts section will be put back in the short term. In the meantime I have also contacted the video creator to see whether it can be updated to reflect the current portal UI.



11-21-2019 06:51 AM

Hi Lynn,

Many thanks for your efforts and much appreciate the new links which all work fine and are very useful. An observation about the fixed video link though: this talks about the navigation being from the 'Alerts' section below 'Product Information' on the main page yet on the new BC pages the Alerts are no longer could this possibly be reinserted on that page to allow such navigation to be achievable once more? That would help us here (and avoid the need to remember the links suggested in your latest posting). 

Kindest Regards

Gary Donoghue

11-20-2019 05:35 PM

My colleague @Steve Holton will fix up this page to have the corrected video link ( link probably broke after transition to new Communities platform)

The video is located on the YouTube Educate site for CA Technologies which is still active:



11-20-2019 05:23 PM

1. For CA Gen Compatibility you can use the techdocs and the "Technical Requirements > Third Party Software Version" section:
Under z/OS you will find:
Refer to the CA Gen Compatibility Matrix for a list of all the third-party products supported by CA Gen.
Refer to the z/OS Compatibility Matrix for a list of supported z/OS versions for 
CA Gen  8.6. All applications run in the 31-bit mode.

2. For all Mainframe Products if you go to the main PRODUCT INFORMATION page:
There is a link for CA Mainframe Installation and Maintenance Tools
On that page is another link CA Mainframe Compatibilities ( which covers all products and compatibilties for CICS, DB2, IMS, z/OS etc

I will also talk to my colleague who posted the Mainframe Compatibility video 

Hope that helps



11-20-2019 06:21 AM

Hi Lynn,

Hope all is well. Please could I additionally request a posting for a link to the compatibilities section of the website. On the CA support portal it used to be relatively straightforward to navigate to this page with a summary of the entire CA product list, including CA Gen, and various z/OS compatibilities (CICS, DB2, IMS, z/OS, LE etc.) whereas now this seems to have disappeared (or searching does not locate it). There was a video posted (?) to advise how to get to it but the link is either broken or fails to load within YouTube. 

I think it would be very useful to have this easily navigable from the 'product page' of the new transitioned BC support portal. 

Many Thanks

Gary Donoghue

06-26-2019 06:33 PM

Yes that release r8.6.3 which is now known as "Gen 8.6 Complete" is still targeted for this (Northern Hemisphere) Summer 2019. 
With the Gen 8.6 Complete release installs will be available for users to go directly to it with all of the PTFs up to that point already included. For users who have already installed Gen 8.6, rollup PTFs will also be provided to ease the upgrade process. 

I hope that information helps.



06-26-2019 08:49 AM

​Hi Lynn,

many thanks for your post.
The last entry on the "CA Gen - Product Release and Support Announcements" is about R8.6-IR1...
I remember that in the Webcast in January GEN r8.6.3 was targeted for the summer 2019. Is this plan still valid? If not.. will there be another kind of consolidation PTF released in order to cover all the stuff that has been made available in the meantime?

Many thanks and best regards