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RE:Frame Podcast Episode 3: Mainframe DevOps with Phil Gineo

By Lenn Thompson posted 01-08-2020 09:36 AM


 @Philip Gineo
senior systems engineer and president of the Endevor Users of New England

In this episode of RE:Frame we hear about what’s new in the world of Mainframe DevOps, and how Phil is not only maintaining his own environments but also helping others in the mainframe community to navigate the latest development technologies and techniques.

  • What is Mainframe DevOps, and how does Endevor support it?
  • How is the community coming together to support it?
  • What kind of person puts their hand up to be a user group president?
  • How different is this new generation of mainframe developers, and what can we learn from them? How are they being trained?
  • Where (and how) is Open Source being implemented on the mainframe? How hard is it to do?
  • How can Endevor folk meet up these days? In person, or virtually through webinars and social media? Or both?