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CA Mainframe Application Tuner enhancement available - CICS Caller ID / Caller stack

By Petr Klomfar posted 01-09-2019 05:47 AM


I am happy to announce on behalf of the CA Mainframe Application Tuner development team that for CA MAT V12 new enhancement is available via our maintenance stream. To obtain CICS CALLER ID / CALLER STACK enhancement use following links: #SO06630 and #SO06631




Using CICS exits CA MAT collects detailed information on transactions and sequence of within program calls including counts and elapsed times see Fig 1 and 2. Feature offers more detailed and accurate performance tuning identification possibilities for CICS oriented workloads. This implementation goes beyond typical sample collection mechanism allowing trace-back of all programs managed by CICS region for measured transaction.


Fig 1 – Transaction KLTT on CICS region and its call stack.


Fig 2 – visualization of elapsed time accounting for example programs




For more information about CA Mainframe Application Tuner V12, see the release notes in CA MAT V12 documentation or use following links to feature relevant technical content  CICS Call Stack Analysis



Thank you for choosing CA Mainframe Application Tuner to improve your application performance. Should you be interested in live demo? Update on product direction or POC? Feel free to contact us directly. Together with Product Manager Ekaterina Tumanova ( ), we are always interested in your thoughts and feedback.


Petr Klomfar (  )

Product Owner of CA MAT

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