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New version of Smart/RESTART

By Jan Marek posted Aug 17, 2021 10:51 AM


Our team is excited to announce that Smart/RESTART version 20.0 is now publicly available.

Relational Architects International (RAI) joined Broadcom Mainframe Software Division on December 17, 2020. RAI’s premier technology, nowadays called Smart/RESTART, is applicable across all industries and mainframe environments where Db2 or IMS applications are used.

Customers continue to face vanishing batch windows and stringent SLA requirements. Our new solution improves operations efficiency and financial performance for the business.

  • It enables faster transaction throughput by eliminating the need for applications to back out and redo successfully processed work.
  • The batch application performance, accounting, and problem determination are improved by running them under Smart/RESTART without complicated logic, or procedures.


Please read the Smart/RESTART product brief for a view of the product's features and benefits. You can also find the installation guide and more information at https://techdocs.broadcom.com/.

We hope that you enjoy the improved user experience version 20.0 of Smart/RESTART provides!