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NEW: CA Fast Unload® for DB2 for z/OS Supports zIIP for Unload Data from Versioned Tables

By Jakub Hofman posted 02-16-2021 09:11 AM


CA Fast Unload® for DB2 for z/OS now supports the use of the IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) when you unload data from versioned tables. Previously, zIIP support was not available for unloads from rows in multiple tablespace versions. Now, zIIP support is provided for versioned tables. Offloading zIIP-eligible workloads to zIIP processors can reduce the processing load on your general CPUs. 

zIIP functionality is enabled by default. Use the zIIP keyword in the SYSIN DD or in hlq.CDBAPARM(PFU) to control zIIP processing.

PFT: LU00216