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CA DBM 20 GA IR 6 is now Available

By Andrew Badgley posted 11-07-2018 03:50 PM


CA Database Management Solutions 20.0 for z/OS Incremental Release update DBM 20 GA IR 6 was made available November 7, 2018.  PTF #SO06113.


Here is a list of some of the enhancements included in this update:


CA Fast Recover has been enhanced to allow more sub-tasks to be attached for parallel processing when performing REBUILD INDEX.


CA Fast Unload has added a new LONG-CHAR option to allow unloading VARCHAR columns larger than 255 bytes into CHAR fields.


CA Quick Copy has been enhanced with a new option for LARGE-TAPE-BLOCK keyword and UTIL parmlib option. The new AUTO option detects and uses the maximum block size available to a device. The YES option now functions the same as the AUTO option.


CA RC/Migrator enhancements:

  • Parallel unload/load support during recovery processing. The IBM UNLOAD recovery utility model (IBMULD_R) now generates a recover data set with &PART in it when &PART is added to &DATADSN. The LOAD_R utility model generates load data sets with &PART in the analysis file.
  • New RC/Merger move analysis videos that describe advantages and how to perform a data only copy.


CA RC/Query can now generate DDL and HDDL that contains the KEY LABEL or NO KEY LABEL clauses in the CREATE/ALTER STOGROUP and CREATE/ALTER TABLE statements on DB2 subsystems running at DB2 12 function level M502 (V12R1M502).


CA SYSVIEW for DB2 enhancements:

  • The (319) SECURITY-AUDIT trace record was updated to include new security mechanism types for the following fields: FLAGS, SECURITY-TYPE, and SECURITY-MECHANISM. The BTSQLTRL and BTRECTRC reports were updated to include new values.
  • The batch report writer (NISGHTRW) now supports automatic switching for the Daylight-Saving Time (DST). The new parameter SYSPARM DST-LOCATION decides if the time is summer or winter and whether one hour should be added or not.
  • The new exception variable &TTOKNXX was added to contain the value of thread tokens. In the application-based exceptions, &TTOKNXX can be used as the exception message text.
  • The data collector was enhanced to automatically display online history runtime statistics related to activity in the dynamic SQL text database when HISTORY-SQLTEXT YES is specified. 
  • The amount of storage available for the collection of details about the activity of DB2 threads was increased to 128-MB to prevent data loss on busy subsystems that are monitored by a data collector.
  • The IQL exception EXCP0376 was modified to display only the statement ID and the statement number. To enable the tracking of individual statements by the statement ID, set the EXCP-LONG376 custom IQL variable to YES using IQL-DEFINE=(EXCP-LONG376=YES) in the system parameters.


A complete list of enhancements can be found in the product documentation.


If you would like to learn about what is being developed as it is being developed please join the CA Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project to participate in Sprint reviews and have access to early APARs for some enhancements.