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TDM z/OS: In-Flight Data Masking (and Subset) for DB2 z/OS

Applying in-flight data masking on DB2 z/OS database using a Datamaker Transformation Map (Masking rule) and a GTSubset Extract Definition (Subset rule) through JCL sample jobs GTXMSKL/GTXMSKL2.


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Tech Tip: CA XCOM for z/OS abends with a S0C4 at offset x'3B' and XCOMJOB hangs

After upgrading or applying maintenance to the z/OS environment, users seem to have encounter S0C4 abends at offset x'3B' in XCOMJOB. In addition to the abend they have also experienced XCOMJOB hanging.   To resolve the problem please verify that you have Common Services 14.1 installed...