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Tech Tip: CCA property - wmi.file.based.discovery

Hi Everyone   Just in case it helps you, the CCA property wmi.file.based.discovery if set to true creates a file on the system and then CCA queries this file and transfers the information back to the DB. This may help if you are experiencing WMI call problems. The WMI timeout set to 900...

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Tech Tip: How to Test WMI Connection via WBEM

Test WMI Connection via WBEM   Run c:\windows\system32\wbem\wbemtest.exe On top right click "Connect" To connect to the local box, leave the name space as root\cimv2 To connect to a remote host, change the name space to  \\YourTargetHost\root\cimv2 Provide the the user and...

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Windows WMI Perfmon Monitor

Hi if you need to collect windows wmi metrics and publish it to EM through EPAgent you will find the attached plugin helpful. This plugin runs as a statefull epagent that continuously queries for WMI metrics. The WMI metrics can be specified using the XML file. The xml gives you lot of...