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Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On:Policy Server: smmigratecds AES decryption failed

Issue smmigratecds fails with error : [smuser@172.x.x.x properties]$ -validate -v -p changeit java.lang.Exception: Unable to load private key using certificate. Exception Message: NativeDB$Access.pbeDecrypt: AES decryption failed at com.netegrity...

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Tech Tip: After installing PAMSC UNAB 14.0 on Solaris 10, whenever you run the command "uxconsole" getting a missing library ( message that it does not exist or not found.

After installing PAMSC UNAB 14.0 on Solaris 10 you get a message that you are missing a library when trying to run the uxconsole utility: missing library ( does not exist or cannot be found. The current workaround is placing that library file into its expected location in ...

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TECH TIP: How to tune HDAM/PHDAM Databases using Reports from CA Database Analyzer? 

Together with Fast Path DEDB databases, the HDAM/PHDAM database types need to be monitored and tuned most often.  Beside some general dataset attributes (like CISZ/blocksize or Access Method), these (P)HDAM specific DBD parameters are most important for performance:   ...


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Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :Web Agent & WAOP:Client IP and SMSESSION IP do not match

Issue: Use Case Customer upgraded Web Agent Option Pack from r12.0 to r12.52 SP1CR5. User logon to centralized web agent resource first and then initiate Unsolicited(IDP Initiated) federation. After that, when navigating back to the normal web agent resources, the user session is being...

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Tech Tip - UIM vmware probe fails to collect data for some monitors and generates an error with 'Failed to configure monitor'

Problem : The vmware probe works but fails to collect data for two monitors, Network.Network Packet Transmit Rate and Network.Network Packet Receive Rate . The vmware log will have entries like these: \par Jan 10 14:14:34:793\cf0  [BulkSender Monitor, vmware] Sent NimAlarm D,...

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CA APM: For Single Sign On

CA APM for SSO gives you insight and control by allowing you to view performance metric from CA SSO and APM metrics. It gives you the ability to monitor critical components and isolate application bottlenecks.In this video, we d emonstrate a problem investigation starting at the console and...