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Tech Tip: Synchronization Configuration Error

Environment: SOI 3.1,3.2,3.3     Problem:   Selecting the "Synchronization Configuration" GUI in the SOI Webpage, generates the following error: Configuration could not be loaded,please check configurator settings in sorapp.xml in the registry. ...

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Tech Tip: Nimsoft Connector only support NIS database using MS SQL

When you install the Nimsoft connector one of the thing it will ask for is the info to connect to the NIS database. Nimsoft can use Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL for the NIS database. Currently Nimsoft connector version  will only support NIS database using MS SQL.

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Tech Tip: Does a CI have to be in a service in order to be update with maintenance mode?

The answer is Yes. For unmanaged alerts the “Information” tab is greyed out and the alerted CI is not editable. The source connector could change the admin status of the CI. Note that alerts on items in maintenance are not suppressed in SOI. They will be excluded from service...

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Tech Tip: Copy and paste doesn't work

Problem Description: - Page 86 of the admin guide has a procedure to copy and paste a service....does not work.  Copy seems ok, but paste is greyed out.   Solution:   - Here are few things that you need to keep in mind when working with copying and pasting a service &...

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Tech Tip: Where are the LGPL files located

During the SOI installation, it will ask you for the LGPL Distribution Directory containing the following files.... jtds.jar djnativeswing.jar hibernate-core.jar jna.jar swt-linux.jar swt-win32.jar   Those files are located in the iso image CA Service Operations...

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Tech Tip: The validation of the Report Server connection failed. This could  be due to the Report Server being offline

When validating the Report Server connection parameters in the UI admin Report Configuration page, the message can occur "The validation of the Report Server connection failed. This could  be due to the Report Server being offline"   After clicking "OK" the message "Error:...

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SOI Tech Tips: The Service availability report always shows 100% though there are alerts

Solution : The default 'Metric Definition Configuration ' in SOI UI Manager configuration is set to ' Down '. If there are no Down alerts on this service, the availability shows as Normal.                 &...