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Lua script to sync/deploy packages to robots using ADE

This Lua script will use the ADE to deploy/sync packages throughout your environment. It can be used for any package in the archive; however, the script is designed to skip hub robots. I added that logic in to ensure a hub robot doesn't restart during package deployment.   For example,...

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Lua Script to copy nas AO Profiles and PPRs

I created this script today to ease the process of copying nas AO profiles and PPRs from a primary to secondary nas. Right now, all the script does is copy/overwrite. It will not delete a profile that has been removed. The reason for this is that some customers may want a special rule when a...

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NAS Script to Configure ADE

I've created the attached Lua script to configure package syncing throughout the environment. This script (if no parameters are passed) will run on the primary hub's nas and use the automated deployment engine that resides there to set up sync rules for all packages (function set sync rules)....