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Release Automation KB: Can I Install the TFS Plugin on a Client Machine?

Question   Applies to any version.   Can I install the TFS plugin on a client machine instead of directly on the TFS Server itself?     Answer   No, this is not possible. The plugin is designed to be installed only on the TFS server itself, thus it cannot be...

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How to reset the password for the superuser account?

Problem: The superuser account is the default admin account for Release Automation. If for some reason one forgets the password and is not having an alternate superuser account to reset the password via the user management section of the ASAP Administration UI.   Resolution: The...

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Release Automation KB: Cannot Create Folder in Parameter Browser Named "Artifacts"

Problem   Version 5.0   When trying to create a folder named "Artifacts" in the parameter browser, the following error occurs as found in the nolio export.log file:   [SwingWorker-pool-1870849530-thread-101] ERROR ( - Could not import component data...

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ROC Session times out frequently

Description : Many times we faced the issue that the ROC session is getting timeout frequently within 4-5 minutes. Identification : The entries in the context.xml under conf folder in LISA RAC root directory is set wrong.. Resolution : Correct the entries in the context.xml. Please...