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IDMS/IPCS Report Write Version 1.4

It's been a productive 6 months (roughly) but after numerous bug fixes and cosmetic upgrades, a new version of the IDMS/IPCS Report Write, otherwise known as IDMSREXX, is available. This version is thought to be clean of problems, at least based upon the dumps which I know it has been run...

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The current version of the IDMS/IPCS Report Writer has been uploaded and is now available for use by the client community. I will try to load the documentation file shortly, but it is only about 80% up to date with respect to form and function. In other words, it still needs some work. If,...

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Error message "Cannot create IPC channel " during  Agent 11.3 startup on Linux

During the startup of the agent, below error message is displayed: Cannot create IPC channel (No space left on device). You might need to run "ipcrm -Q 0x41030130" to remove it if it already ex ists. Running " ipcs -a |grep 0x4103 0130 " does not display this message queue From a...

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IDMS IPCS Report Writer

This is the IDMS IPCS Report Writer. It used to be referred to as the IDMSIPCS CLISTs. It is now a REXX based tool. This file is a tersed PDS. It named with a ZIP suffix because the upload process will not allow an unsuffixed file. DO NOT USE ANY ZIP TOOL ON THIS FILE! Upload it to the...