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Dashboards: Social Media for IT

When using media for connecting and sharing information in short, efficient increments, families and friends turn to Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, career professionals use LinkedIn, and others turn to Twitter. When monitoring a business, think of dashboards as social media for IT: a...

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The Answer to Resilience Lies in Business Objectives

One of my challenges on nearly every project is the almost inevitable conversation about resilience. You see, the duet between high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) is like modern jazz: complex, elusive and hard to define. All customers understand the importance of their platform...

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When a Good Idea Becomes a Burden

I confess: I’m a poacher turned gamekeeper. For those of you not familiar with this rather English idiom, it means that I was once the perp, but now I’m the cop. In my formative years, when I was keen to impress any way I could, solutions to problems would just spring from any coding...

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When Is Technology Not the Solution?

I recently came across a project requirement calling for an encrypted version of a VOIP protocol; I couldn’t fulfill the request, because the software didn’t support encryption of the protocol. However, I was able to resolve the issue by asking a simple question: “Is encryption an actual...

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Why should you read my blog?

Good day to all in this, my first blog post. I’m Dan Lundwall, a principal Services consultant with CA. Since joining CA in March 2006, my emphasis has been on two products, CA Spectrum and CA SOI . Because I’ve often read blog posts that lead me to ask, “Why should I listen to you?” I...

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Architects Essential to Success of SaaS-Based Solutions

As SaaS-based solutions become more prevalent, the traditional solution architect’s role—articulating and delivering solution designs—is becoming obsolete. Many ancillary tasks that go with this core skill, such as platform sizing and effort estimation , will also fade away as SaaS takes hold. ...

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The Whys and Wherefores of Application Management Services: Reaping the Best Value from Software Solutions

With many technologies, keeping current and supportable is becoming more and more difficult. If your organization hasn’t or can’t move to SaaS-based solutions, it’s up to your IT team to ensure that your organization is getting the best value from your software—and that the cost of supporting...

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The Spotlight Approach to Service-Driven Management: Workshops Illuminate the Path to Success

For many customers, the process of building meaningful services models in CA SOI can seem daunting. They encounter numerous challenges, such as issues with the underlying domain management layer and/or deploying multiple services with generic data sources, which leads to poor results—and even...

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6 Strategies for Personal Reinvention

Today's IT professional is much different from even five years ago. In addition to our IT savvy, we need business savvy. We have to be able to communicate with a wide variety of people. Even when we’re in an enterprise IT department, everyone is considered a customer. Today's IT professional...