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Broadcom Community Ideas Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Participating Product Communities Mainframe Software CA 1 Tape CA 11 Workload Automation Restart and Tracking CA ACF2 CA Aion CA Allocate CA Application Lifecycle Conductor CA Auditor CA Automation Point CA Brightside CA Bundl CA Cleanup CA Common Services CA...


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Mainframe Virtualization Ideas Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The VM product team will meet once a month to review community submitted ideas. The overall review process will be the responsibility of the VM:Manager product manager (PM). It is the PM's responsibility to manage the ideas and update the community on a monthly basis. The PM may delegate...

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Ideation Process and FAQs

CA Client Automation product team has now transitioned to the CA Community ideation process to facilitate a more streamlined and transparent channel to share your feedback with us. Using this medium you may now provide your enhancement requests, and suggestions by logging new ideas; casting your...


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Water Cooler Idea Review - September 2014

This week, the CA Communities team went through all of the ideas in the Water Cooler community to review and update the stages for the ideas that have been submitted over the past few months. There are some really great ideas in the bunch, and I'm happy to say that there are some that we are...

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Summary of CA Ideation Process

Hi All, Here is a general summary of how CA handles the Ideation process in CA communities. Hope you will find this useful. We value your collaboration to help us build great solutions for our customers and partners. Please work with your respective community managers, product team or reach...