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CA Gen Development Blog no.7 - "Under Review" Idea Status

All, As discussed previously, we have spent quit a bit of time working through those ideas marked "under-review". This has taken quite a bit longer than we had initially planned, but we have arrived at a disposition for all but two of the ideas (which are still being researched). ...

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CA Gen Development Blog no.6 Community Ideas "Under Review"

We have begun an internal process to resolve the status of the many "Under Review" ideas within the community. Many of these have languished for an excessive time, and it is my goal to provide answers regarding their eventual state. Over the next 30 days or so several months (the decision...

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How to Create an Idea in the CA Repository for z/OS Community

This document is a step by step guide for creating an Idea in the CA Repository Community. The intent is to help others find their way through the screens to the Idea area and guide them on filling out the Idea screens.