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Library Entry
CA-IDMS Data Dictionary Physical Structure Diagram (IDMSNTWK).pdf

This diagram is available as a PDF in the CA-IDMS Documentation - softcopy. It is made available here for convenience of IUA-EIUA Global Community Members!


Library Entry
IDD Reporting Using IDMS/

This entry consists of a number of SQL Views that greatly simplify reporting against IDD for those who are not familiar with Data Dictionary Reporter (Culprit DREPORTS), or the full flexibility of IDD DISPLAY ALL .... WHERE .... . etc syntax. The library includes two Cobol programs which...

Library Entry
ADS to Mapping Date-Time Stamp

This Culprit program reads all Dialog Load modules in an Application data Dictionary Load Area, extracts the Date:Time Stamp for the associated Map, then checks the Map Load module in the same Load Area to verify that the Map's actual Date-Time stamp is the same. An exception report is produced...