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[WEBCAST REPLAY] No-Fail Friday: Strengthening Mainframe Access Control with Multi-Factor Authentication

CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret provide comprehensive mainframe access control for you to gain ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ insights into critical mainframe resources. But, what about the second layer of authentication needed in today’s connected mainframe...


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[WEBCAST REPLAY] Lunch & Learn: CA Workload Automation DE and ESP Edition: Some Novel Uses for the ESPmgr Utility

ESPmgr is a command-line API supplied with an agent. You use ESPmgr to send a message to either CA Workload Automation ESP or CA Workload Automation DE from the agent platform. The message can tell the server to perform an action on a job or Application, such as releasing an Application or...

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[WEBCAST REPLAY] Lunch & Learn: Integrating CA Workload Automation with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

In the Application Economy, organizations require the ability to get products and services to market as quickly as possible in order seize new market opportunities while scaling for growth. This holds true in the volatile and complex world of Workload Automation. This video is a replay of our...