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Dell EMC World 2017, Monday May 8, 2017, Blog 1: Extension (IPEX & FCIP)

Monday May 8, 2017, Blog 1: Extension (IPEX & FCIP) Vegas Baby! The first Dell EMC World, live’n and love’n it! It’s Monday morning and we’re already in the thick of it. Today’s topic – Extension, you know… formerly “SAN Extension”. We're doing more than just FCIP now. The industry...

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EMC World 2016 - Wednesday: Visibility, Monitoring, Alerting, Diagnostics... Information is King!

This is IPEX Blog 3 of 3 @EXTENSION GURU Wednesday, this is my last blog post of EMC World 2016. We are nearing the end of another great show! Please check out Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts if you haven’t already. In Monday's blog, you will find the links to last year's "3 days of...

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EMC World 2016 - Tuesday: Solve Link Aggravation with IPEX Link Aggregation!

This is IPEX Blog 2 of 3 @EXTENSION GURU Viva Las Vegas! Have you checked out the Brocade booth yet! Consistently every year, so awesome! Clearly, Brocade Engineering has been busy. Today, I have a couple more IPEX use cases to consider – Link Aggregation and Bandwidth Pooling...

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EMC World 2016 - Monday: IPEX Delivers the High Performance WAN!

This is IPEX Blog 1 of 3 Another year already and here we are again, EMC World 2016! @EXTENSION GURU Come to my breakout session to learn more about IPEX: Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM in Delfino 4001A entitled, Storage over Distance from SRDF to SyncIQ Anyone...