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On the location of alert exit sample (r12.1)

Customizer (shortcut /PARMS) group $ AM ALERTS includes field Alert Exit Name.   F1=Help shows the alert exit sample as being found at high-level-qualifier.MSSAMP( $ AMALEXT).   However (for NetMaster r12.1) the alert exit sample can be found at high-level-qualifier ...

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CA VM:Secure 3.2 Enhancement to USERPASS and TERMPASS Exits

PTF RO94162 is an enhancement to CA VM:Secure 3.2 that makes the TERMPASS and USERPASS exits much easier to manage. These exits allow a site to customize the action taken when the invalid password limit is exceeded. One of the actions indicated by return code 8 is to clear the journal counts and...

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Jobs failing on Windows with Exit Code 0xC000013A

Some jobs are failing on Windows with Exit Code 0xC000013A ;  w hat does it mean?     Globally speaking, Exit Code 0xC000013A means that the application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C or  closing command prompt window     With Autosys, It might ...

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Tech Tips: How to Set Up the LIB/CCF-ISPF(TSO) HISTORY Exits

Exit $CCFU004 (EXIT4) is i nvoked before the history create and update panels display. $CCFU004 c an be used to standardize information used for history member creation. When a programmer logs out a member that has no associated history member on the history master file, LIB/CCF...

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Sample Package Exit (Exit 7)

(Actually this code is based on Endevor sample code originating from Endevor r12 ...)     With this sample code I'd like to contribute to a discussion-item about exit-7. You will need to adapt the code, at least at those points marked with dot's (.....). And I would be glad to...