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How does a TIM worker get its traffic ?

On all TIM's 9.7+,The captured network communication flow is handled by apmpacket (on the High performance TIM) or nqcapd (on the MTP). Its function is very simple. It will get data from a network device or capture-card, and distribute the network communications based on a load-balancing...

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Why is CEM/TIM monitoring so "extremely elegant and smart" ?

Many people, especially the application people think of the Customer Experience (CE) part of the CA Application Performance Management (APM) to be very complex to setup and handle. While it is true that it may be complex to setup - the complexity however does not rely in the CE itself, but in...

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APM Blog: The Wonder of APM CE Services

Gone are the days of milkmen when you left numerous bottles outside your door. Almost magically in the early hours of the dawn back then, the old milk bottles disappeared only to be replaced with new ones. The same sort of magic also happens with APM CE (CEM) Services. Each morning...