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CA Workload Automation AE Office Hours Transcript [Aug. 11]

Lenn Thompson (CA) : Morning everyone. We will be starting in just a moment.   Joseph Neumann : ok   Lenn Thompson (CA) : Welcome to office hours. If you have any questions feel free to ask   pavel : today's topic is AE, am I correct?   Lenn Thompson (CA) : ...

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Webcast Replay: Easy Migrations CA Workload Automation AE (May 24)

this community tech talk, which focuess on best practices for migrating from CA WLA AE R11.0 to the most current release of CA WLA AE.  Providing helpful information you can use before you start your migration that will reduce any risks to your business. Ensure that you are not missing out...

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Transcript Office Hours: CA Workload Automation AutoSys Edition (AE) [Dec. 10th]

Lenn Thompson (CA) :   @Chris and @Edwin: Thanks for joining us stoday. Do you have any questions for our AE team?   Edwin Daniel :   As of now., no crotical issues other than EEM reporting utility. It is being attended by Kishore.   Chris Kent :  ...